Episode 001: The Process of Making Foreign Look Magazine.

Episode 001: The Process of Making Foreign Look Magazine.


Welcome to the first episode of Foreign Look Podcast! In this new podcast, I’ll be giving you a backstage view of the creative process, going deeper into the mind of a creative person and taking you where ideas come to life. Today I’m sharing with you the process of making Foreign Look Magazine. My struggles, how I reached out to people, my inspirations, and the story behind the name. Come along with me on this journey of creation. New episodes every two weeks on Thursday.

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I’m so excited to be sharing more about what we as creative minds go through when working on a project, and hopefully through this new platform I can give you a real experience, and an authentic behind the scenes. I’m still working on my storytelling & speaking skills, so I know I have a lot to learn in this new journey. I will appreciate any feedback and would love to read your thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment down below. Tell me what you think of the podcast and things you’d like me to talk about.


The mindset shifts Grace made to embody the confidence other people had in her

  • It is hard to create a magazine but not impossible.

  • From concept to the first physical printed copy.

  • Small gestures you can make to spark authentic connections with influencers and industry leaders who you admire.

  • Instagram. Such a powerful tool.


I’d love to know … do you have any go-to behind the scenes questions? Share ‘em with me in the comments!

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