Tatjana Steinmann - Berlin

Tatjana Steinmann - Berlin

Interview by
Grace E. Garcia

Photography by
Florian Steinmann


How did you initially get started in the fashion industry?

Tatjana Steinmann: I always loved fashion. As a kid I layered all my favorite clothes on top of each other, I wore pants with a dress and a thick coat on top in the summer. There were definitely many fashion faux pas in my teen years, it was quite embarrassing. I probably found myself after high school when I started to study fashion design.

You mentioned minimal. What are your thoughts on minimalism in fashion?

Tatjana: I think minimalism is suitable for everyone. With minimalistic clothes the body shape isn’t important. It’s the clothes that shape you. Sometimes it’s considered boring but minimalism is more than just a white shirt and black trousers. It’s very powerful. It’s about the cut of the fabric, the shape, the intricate pattern, more than just wearing a piece of clothing it’s about how you feel while wearing that piece of clothing.

Any styling tips you live by?

Tatjana: For me comfort is very important and I think it is always possible to be comfortable but chic. Comfort is different for everyone. For me tight jeans are a no go, I just can’t wear them. I often look at myself and think there is something odd about my outfit and if I go out like that I will think about it the whole day. So if you are comfortable inside and outside, you can’t go wrong, even if you mix all kinds of colors and patterns. Style is different for everyone and that’s good.

How would you describe your style now - in three words?

Tatjana: Minimal, elegant, nothing too crazy.

Tell me, how do you keep yourself motivated?

Tatjana: The support from other people. The comments, the likes, every interaction gives me motivation.


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Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?

Tatjana: There are tons of fashion ins pirations for me and yes Phoebe Philo is one of them. I think nowadays with fashion bloggers, instagram etc. there are so many influencing people out there that aren’t fashion designers. Number one is my grandma, I was always impressed by her, she was always dressed up, whether she was cooking or working in the garden. Always elegant. I also take a lot of inspiration from other people on instagram. Some of my favorites are Yoshinomia, Sophia Ippoliti, Sophia Roe, Beatrice Gutu, Debora Rosa, Hegia De Boer, Gioia Giustino and so many others.

I understand you have a blog.

Tatjana: Yes, I do. I initially started the blog to journal my outfits and was planning on writing 2 posts a week. However when I got on instagram I put all my time into instagram. So I had little time for my blog. I now try to upload something every once in a while but it’s not my priority anymore. On instagram I like to mix the usual outfit photos with detailed fashion shots, art, interior and architecture, it gives the feed a certain aesthetic.

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