Lisa Spinola - Portugal

Lisa Spinola - Portugal

Interview by
Grace E. Garcia

Photography by
Miguel Pereira


Where did you grow up?

Lisa Spinola: I grew up in Madeira Island, Portugal.

Portugal, such a beautiful place. Tell me, how did you initially get started in the fashion industry? Lisa: I’ve always loved fashion. I used to say I wanted to draw clothes when I was a little girl. I guess it all started when I refused to wear the clothes my mom wanted to dress me with.

Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration? Lisa: So hard to choose just one. I get inspired by a lot of different styles; Dana Hourani, Beatrice Gutu, Bettina Looney, Camille Charriere and Lizzy Haldfield are just a few of them.

You mentioned at one point in life you didn’t want to wear the clothes your mom picked for you as a young kid. Were your parents always supportive of you being a fashion designer? -

Lisa: Although people don’t really understand the role of fashion in the island I was born, my parents always supported my choice.

Tell us about your creative process. How do you put outfits together? Lisa When creating an outfit I get inspired by doing a tone of folder files with different themes on pinterest. Also the instagram saved images and watching various brand campaigns are really helpful to me. Besides when I have time for myself and I can’t live without that time of the day when I’m brain storming in the bus on my way home and when I just do my coffee break. Love to see people pass by a window, on a street, etc.

“Just do your thing. The different, the better.”


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What goes through your creative mind? How do normally get ideas of new content?

Lisa: My brain never stops. I get more creative at night so I usually do my outfits around 3 am. I get inspired by the things I saw that day, I’ll think of something I really want to wear and build an outfit around that item. It can be a pair of shoes, a handbag, a pair of sunglasses, it can even be a piece I saw on instagram and see if I have something similar and build a totally different look with it. I like to just let the clothes do the talking. I play with shapes, textures and colours that in my opinion look good together and compliment each other.

That, for some people may sound like a lot of work. I have to ask; Do you think being a Fashion blogger is hard?

Lisa: Yes, being a fashion blogger/ influencer is hard especially because you constantly feel the need to stand out and set yourself apart from the rest, constantly feeling that your content needs to be good enough and you most likely will end up comparing yourself to others.



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