Hegia Hutaries De Boer - Netherlands

Hegia Hutaries De Boer - Netherlands

Interview by:
Grace E. Garcia

Photography by
Bob De Boer

“Success means fulfillment to me. It should come from the inside, not from a label other people give you. I feel successful when I feel content and grateful right from my heart.


When did you know you wanted to be a fashion blogger?
Hegia: This is a good question because I actually never had it in my mind before, that this is what I’ll be doing now. My dream was to become a video game developer. I always had a huge imagination and I played video games a lot, but at the same time around my high school years, I started to love dressing nicely and got addicted to fashion magazines, especially Vogue and Elle.

How did you get started in the fashion industry?

Hegia: Since I didn’t make it to the game industry, unfortunately. I got my degree in Architecture and also an MBA. Long Story short, I then worked as a buyer for a British fashion retail company and there I had my first taste of the fashion industry. It was a very interesting and dynamic job, but I was feeling a lack of self fulfillment. I wanted to create something that was totally me. That’s how I created my first blog and started doing a little bit of Instagram.


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Who is your number one fashion inspiration?

Hegia: Absolutely Miroslava Duma. I always adore how she managed to pull off the chicest outfits like a boss while being petite at the same time. I am about the same height as her, so having a fashion icon that I can relate to is so inspiring. And the fact that she is now doing even greater things in the fashion industry, makes me admire her intelligence even more.

Creating a blog was the first step you took as a creative mind. Tell us more about it.
Hegia: My first blog was a mix of fashion and daily rambles. It got pretty popular back then because people seemed to enjoy my dark humor. But I decided to close it down after a year because, despite the popularity, I no longer felt comfortable with sharing too much of my personal life. I then created my second blog www.heyhegia.com at the end of 2017 that is fully dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, and self-help tips

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