Cristina Ungureanu

Cristina Ungureanu

Interview by:
Grace E. Garcia

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When you were a little girl how did you dream about being a mother?

Cristina Ungureanu: Boys playing with cars, girls playing with dolls. As a little girl, most times of my childhood I was playing mother-daughter with my dolls. I was dreaming that they were my little baby girls. Even at that time, I knew that I wanted to have girls, that when I would grow up, I would meet the man of my dreams and have my family. I imagined how I would brush their beautiful, long, shining hair every morning and how I would choose dresses for them. Later I understood that it’s like a lotto when it comes to gender. Fate gave me two boys - the most beautiful, loving, smart boys in the world. Now I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world and thank God for the lucky tickets I was sent.

How did your own upbringing reflect on that dream?

Cristina: I think that a child’s behavior is always a reflection of his parents. My parents taught me the value of love and respect from a very young age. My father tried to teach me the importance of healthy eating habits and I’m infinitely grateful for this now. My mother was always reading many interesting books to me and now I can not imagine my life without reading and growing. I try to pass on to my children all the good values and habits I had received from my parents and at the same time improving them all.

Delightful Motherhood


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What have you learned from your mother as a mother? What is something she has said to you that stuck in your mind for the rest of your life growing up?

Cristina: My mom has always been there for me, caring and encouraging me; I couldn’t be more grateful to have someone like her in my life. She taught me to trust myself and no matter what, always be an independent woman. I remember how she would often say to me -“Hard times can be overcome.” and that “Losing battles can be won”. She has taught me more than I could have learned from any book.

She also educated me on how to be a lady in society. It might sound old fashioned but, there are certain aspects of ladylike behavior that are undying: elegance, courteousness, and a sense of respect toward yourself and others.

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